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PLASTIC BARRELS, clean, 15 Gal w/two bung holes, screw caps & handle

Cost: $ 20
Posted On: 03/07/2013
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PLASTIC Drums or Barrels in 15 Gallon size with handle, two bung holes and removable screw caps. Barrels are very clean as they have been washed inside and outside. The barrels are very durable and easy to handle when filled. Many people have bought a second quantity after their initial purchase once they realize how easy they are to manage. MULTIPLE USES such as storage for fuel, kerosene, chemical, water storage NOT personal consumption, or fill with sand for foundation & weight applications, or use them in flotation applications. Some people have purchased the barrels in order to cut them in half to be used as feeders for the critters! Endless possiblities! $20 each Call 615-481-4787. Located in Hermitage, TN Advertisement text and pictures are for the sole use of the advertiser only. Copyright 2013.


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